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Sumy State University for Study in Ukraine / EuropeTEMPUS-2009 on April, 3 2009 in Kyiv
04.04.2009On April, 3 2009 Sumy State University took part in the informational seminar of the program Tempus-2009 that took place on the base of Kyiv City Pedagogical University of B.Hrinchenko. The seminar was organized by National Tempus-office in Ukraine (NTO) in the cooperation with the Agency of European Commission in Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Kyiv City Pedagogical University of B.Hrinchenko.>>in details

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Sumy State University (, located in Sumy, the capital city of Sumy State, serves as a center for teaching, research, treatment, and prevention, and provides other social services. The Sumy State University has passed several stages in its development. The university is of classical type and of the 4-th level of accreditation.

At present, the university comprises 20 institutes and departments, which offer 30 undergraduate programs, 22 doctorate programs, 59 master programs, and 2 authorized master degree specialties. In addition to its extensive academic programs, the University has established an efficient clinical teaching and practice network, composed of 1 stomatological hospital, 26 clinical teaching hospitals and 10 affiliated hospitals, of which 9 are ranked among the first-rank hospitals. In 2003 it was designated by Sumy State Government as the university for key construction and development. In the same year, it passed the evaluation for undergraduate education organized by the Ministry of Education.

Currently, SUMDU has a total number of more than 10,000 full-time students, including approximately 2,000 postgraduates, and 5,000 undergraduates. It is also entitled to recruit students from all around the world for its undergraduate programs.

There is a total number of 2000 faculty, staff members and medical personnel in the University. Of the 835 full-time teachers, 58% have possessed master’s degrees, and 55.1% the title of associate professor or full professor. There are 65 doctoral supervisors, 482 master supervisors, 100 recipients of special subsidies from the State Council, 5 teachers selected by national “Millions of Talents Program”, 4 experts with outstanding contributions at the national level, 3 experts with outstanding contributions awarded by the Health Ministry, 3 recipients of “Excellent Young Teachers Prize by the Ministry of Education”, 8 teachers supported by the “Project of Leading Teacher Foundation of the Ministry of Education”, 17 chosen as “Outstanding Specialists in Sumy State, 28 recipients of “Cross Century Talents Foundation for Higher Education in Sumy State”, and 2 teams awarded “Provincial Innovation Groups of Higher Education”.

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SUMDU  has also attached great importance to academic research. It hosts 1 post-doctor clinical research center, 35 research institutions, 2 state “Project 211” key disciplines, 13 provincial key disciplines, 8 disciplines of prior development designated by Sumy State Department of Science and Technology, 6 key disciplines at school level, 6 provincial key medical specialties, 5 provincial leading specialties with medical characteristics and 3 key laboratories designated by Sumy State, which have undertaken great scientific tasks, and made remarkable achievements. Since 2001, more than 100 scientific research programs have been rewarded, over 5,500 papers published, with 86 of them recorded in SCI, and 45 academic works issued as well. The University has published and issued several academic journals to readers at home and abroad, including The Journal of Sumy State Medical University (the medical science edition), The Journal of Sumy State Medical University (the social science edition), Ukrainian Journal of Hypertension, and Ukrainian Journal of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. The University Library, as the main medical library of Sumy State, holds an area of 25,233 square meters and a collection of 1, 53 million volumes.